Greek Style Lamb/Beef Burger (best damn burger your tastebuds ever tasted)

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Ok you guys I am basically not a big burger fan, but this one rocked my world. It’s the kind of burger you would not feel ripped off after paying €20 for it. I have thing for lamb meat anything from lamb chops to lambmince to lambstew,… I am always happy when there is lamb in my food! To me it tastes like spring, and since spring began this weekend I am gladly sharing this amazing recipe with you.

My mother bought plain lamb/beef burgers for me and my sister. Because she was heading out for gala party with my dad. I decided to make the absolute best lamb burger I could possibly make with the stuff we had in the store cupboard and fridge. It didn’t take long to decide to make my my burger a little Greek. Since I love the freshness of feta and tzaziki. Yes this burger is an absolute winner and I will definitely make it again very soon!


This recipe is enough for 2 burgers

Ingredients: mince meat (1/2 lamb meat and 1/2 beef), 2 teaspoons of ground coriander, 1 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin, 2 table spoons of olive oil (for cooking, so not the fancy kind you use for salads), salt and pepper, crumbled feta to taste, arugula salad to taste, red onions to taste, cucumber to taste (sliced) , buns (I chose crispy bread, because I love the crunch)

Ingredients Mint Tzaziki: 1/2 clove of garlic (minced), 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1/2 cucumber (diced finely), teaspoon of salt, 150 gr of plain Greek yoghurt, fresh mint

Assemble the Tzaziki by adding all the ingredients and set aside

Mix the beef and lamb mince with the ground cumin and coriander, mix this with your hands. Heat up the olive oil in the pan. Grill the burgers until they are just a little bit pink inside about 4 minutes on medium heat. Take you bun, spread some tzaziki on it and start layering: cucumber, red onion, the burger, feta cheese, arugula, other part of bun. DONE! It is that simple 😀 Good Luck

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