Month: October 2015

70. France: Burgundy: Boeuf Bourguignon

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Choosing one French dish is something you just can’t do. France has the most refined and diverse kitchen of any country on earth! It is certainly my favourite kitchen. So that’s why I decided to do a series of French Food! For the next few weeks I will cook a dish from a region in France. There will be 6 recipes in total!

So first up Burgundy, famous for all things french! So why Burgundy! Burgundy is the place to be if your looking for red wine, amazing food, cute tiny villages, escargot (snales),  delicious cheese! And of course the home town of one of my favorite chefs Ludo Lefebvre! One day I hope to be a chef as great as he is :D.

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The only right way to make a boeuf bourgeon is slow! let is simmer and simmer and simmer! Until you have a thick rich stew with meat so tender that you can cut it like butter. And the best recipe is Julia Child’s recipe!

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